The Beginning of a Snowy Winter

Snow is invading parts of the area, but don’t worry, it’s not going to amount to much.

There is up to 3-4 inches of accumulation, but most places are just cloudy, dry, and breezy.

People in Delaware County, Northern Salem County, Chester County, and parts of Gloucester County are seeing the most accumulation.

The good news is breaks of sunshine later this afternoon, will melt the snow in time for your rush hour commute.

Drivers are being warned to be carefull on bridges and overpasses.

Expect about one or possibly two inches of snowfall in those areas.

As far as temperature Philly is just above the freezing mark.  Today’s high will be 39 degrees.

All of the shower activity will take a break this weekend, but there will be some cold wind tomorrow.

Saturday will be 35 degrees and Sunday will be 41 degrees.

More rain is expected on Monday.

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