That Girl: Elizabeth Davis

This week's That Girl Profile is Elizabeth Davis.

This week's Profile is Elizabeth Davis of Philadelphia. Philly Fashion guru Catriona Whitehead tells us why Elizabeth is this week's That Girl.

 What I like about this look.

Practical layering—this lovely young lady has three layers on the top half of her body, but she doesn’t look buried beneath an abundance of clothing. This means that she can easily function in the cold weather while staying completely warm. Concurrently, her outfit is completely fashion-sound. Lesson of the day, monochromaticism (which shall henceforth be an actual word). She has taken a charcoal grey long-sleeve crewneck tee and placed it beneath a black and white check button-down with a grey tank top on top. While the long-sleeve tee and tank top are both charcoal grey, the button-down tricks the eye into appearing charcoal grey (mix black and white together and what do you get—grey!). Also, the black beading on her tank top helps to pull in the black from the button-down. Furthermore, each of the necklines and sleeves on these tops is different, allowing you a chance to see all three garments without them contradicting each other. The tee hugs the curve of her neck, while the button-down opens up more deeply and the tank simply rounds out the v created by the button-down. The sleeves of the button-down can be rolled up to reveal the tee and the tank top just rests on the shoulders. It’s brilliant the way these things work!  When you do this, don’t complicate things on the bottom half. Stick to a basic pant and shoe.

Where could this outfit be worn?

This outfit is excellent for fall/winter outdoor activities: shopping, picnicking, dining out, and going to the movies.

Where can you buy this particular look?

The basic long-sleeve tee can be found at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, GAP, JCrew, Old Navy, Target, Walmart. The buttondown is actually from JCrew, but similar pieces can be found at, Hollister, Madewell, Nordstrom, Her tank can be found at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic,, JCrew, Target.

Style tip?

My one piece of styling advice would be for her to put her hair in a tight bun, high up on her head. This will open up the space around her neck to better express all of the collars, and will really bring some power to the overall look.

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