Tacony Two-Fer Going to Trial

Mom-Daughter sex team: Mom starts the job, daughter finishes.

The puns, the nicknames, the double entendres, they all led me to this overused cliché: We can’t make this stuff up, people!

The story of  a mom-daughter sex team who Philebrity.com crowned with the clever nickname: The Tacony Two-fer.

Traci Young, 38 and her 22-year-old daughter, Tami Smith.

Their ad on Craigslist showed the two sitting on a sectional couch in tank tops, according to The Daily News. In big, bold letters, the ad said: “MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE AND CALL US.”

The undercover cop who made the call faced mom a second time in court this week to go over what went down when "guy met the girls" a few weeks back.

The officer said he was taken down to the basement of their home, where there was a bed and a computer. For 200 bucks, the mom-daughter tag-team were willing to have sex with him, including oral sex.

Yep, it would start with mom and finish with the daughter.

That was yuck enough for the judge to order the Tacony Two-fer to go to trial on charges including prostitution and conspiracy.

Footnote: It sounds like the women did plan to practice “safe sex.”
After the money talk was done, the undercover cop says mom made a trip to the store to buy condoms.

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