Camp Confidential: Mikell Leads By Being Part of the Team

Quintin Mikell is the veteran leader on the Eagles defense but he doesn’t see it that way.

“It’s not like one guy just leading everything,” the Eagles starting strong safety said following practice at Lehigh. “It’s just everybody as a group leading together and it’s a good feeling man.”

You would think that the Eagles most-tenured defensive player would be eager to take some leadership credit but a guy like Mikell learned from one of the best team players -- Brian Dawkins. So Q isn’t about to make it about anything but team.

“It’s a good group of guys… we’re just out there having fun together.”

The 5-foot-10, 203-pounder did allow himself a moment to share his plans for Wednesday after training camp ends.

“I’m gonna go home and see my kids,” he said with a big smile. “Just sit on the coach -- if I can for a couple minutes -- and, you know, chill out.

The relaxation won’t last long. The Eagles have a big test Friday night when they visit the NFC North-champion Bengals in Cincinnati in preseason action.

So will Q be looking to lay some big hits on Bengals’ wide receiver (and former Eagles lightning rod) Terrell Owens?

Per normal, the eight-year pro quickly made it about us not me.

“Well that’s always our defense’s goal,” Mikell said with a laugh. “We gotta go out there make some plays on the ball -- make some big hits. That’s always the goal.”

Birds fans likely won’t mind if that goal includes T.O. get his. Now let’s see if that happens.

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