Oh, South Street Bridge How I'll Miss Ye

A love poem to the South Street Bridge

The closing of the South Street Bridge will mean different things to different people. It means the end of an era for the residents of Southwest Center City and West Philly -- here is one residents thoughts.

An ode to the South Street Bridge:

Oh South Street Bridge how I'll miss ye,
The green rust of your rails and holes in your concrete.

South Street Bridge a gateway both east and west standing alone,
A simple half-mile stretch thousands call the way home that is known.

Old Southie how I knew you well,
The closed sidewalks and suicide on-ramps for whom I toll the bell.

The bridge bought a meeting of minds and lovers to find over the crest,
Connection of Center City and the great UPenn -- the chance for hearts from east to meet those from west.

Oh Southie the bond of my youth the connection to my mouth,
The bridge to my favorite names -- Lorenzo's, Lazaro's, Jim's, Pat's & Geno's -- a gateway to the south.

Old-arthritic-fingers reaching over the Schuylkill,
The sounds of the TLA, Franklin Field, the Pontiac Grille (a.k.a. J.C. Dobbs again) and Cirque du Soleil -- the thrills.

Oh Old Bridge stalwart for more than a century years,
Age shows with a draw that doesn't lift and crumbling concrete held dear.

A long time coming, the bridge's demise,
All things that glitter must fade -- no longer fooled by your patchwork disguise.

I will miss you my love, my bridge, my way,
Monday morning December 8 when I cross the Walnut Street Bridge will be a sad day.

Goodbye old friend of foot, bike and car,
On my heart your obvious absence will leave a scar.

Oh South Street Bridge only the memories will remain,
'Til 2010 when I will fall for your new self with the same name.

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