“No, Bo, No”

Obedience training could be a little tough for "Bo"

"No, Bo, No."

That's going to be a tough one, dog experts say, once the new first dog moves into the White House today. And they're offering the Obamas advice on how to make the 6-month-old Portuguese water dog they'll call Bo comfortable in his new home.

Since President Barack Obama and his family have chosen to call the puppy something that sounds like "no," the American Kennel Club is recommending they work with a trainer to come up with alternate commands.

An AKC spokeswoman says those might include hand signals or perhaps saying "stop" instead of "no," when the dog does something he's not supposed to do. Otherwise, Bo could become "very confused."

The host of the National Geographic Channel show "The Dog Whisperer" says moving into a new home can be disorienting for a dog, making him anxious and fearful, or overexcited.

Cesar Millan says the Obamas should set and carry out Bo's routine themselves, including a lot of walking.

He also suggests the nation's commander in chief take on a new role, along with his wife and daughters, as "pack leader."


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