Solve the Problem of Bulky Plugs

ezSpace UFO plug extender accomodates lots of large plugs

While home electronics advance, the basic extension cord has been slow to catch up.

This has created a size mismatch because today's devices tend to carry large size plugs, but the standard 6-outlet power strip is only meant for "skinny" ones.

Pictured at right: the solution.

Matching form and function, the ezSpace UFO provides 6 outlets in a recessed, circular pattern, eliminating the need for multiple power strips in a home or workplace environment.

In additon, the UFO's On/Off switch is located on its bottom instead of on top. This makes it far less prone to accidental shut-offs than a traditional power strip device.

These features, plus its tiny 6.25" footprint, have generated terrific press for the ezSpace UFO available for sale at Target, among other places.

The device retails for about $30.

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