Man Shoots Himself on SEPTA Bus

A man accidentally shot himself while riding a SEPTA bus Wednesday night.

As the K bus traveled southbound on Chelten Avenue near Magnolia Street in Germantown, a passenger shot himself, possibly in the hand, according to officials. 

Surveillance video shows a man wearing a green jacket and white ear buds adjusting a gun in his waistband before the weapon accidently discharged.

He then ran off the bus.

Authorities believe the man, who has not yet sought treatment for any injuries, may be under 21 years old and carrying the gun illegally. 

"We don't like people carrying firearms illegally on the transit system," said SEPTA Transit Police Chief Thomas Nestel.  "We really don't like people firing firearms on the transit system."

"So it's important to us that we find this fella and advise him of his mistake," he said.

Investigators say the driver reported the incident at the end of the route at Ridge Avenue and Ferry Road in East Falls.  No other passengers were hurt.

Police are asking for help locating the injured man.

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