Loud Mystery Music Baffles South Jersey Residents

The noise just won't stop.

Every night, South Jersey residents living in Carney's Point, Penns Grove and Pennsville can hear a loud thumping coming from across the river. Sometimes it sounds like jazz. Sometimes it sounds like salsa, residents said.

No one can pinpoint the music's origin, but several people suspect it's coming from Delaware.

Even police officers can't figure it out.

"It sounds like there's a car out front of your house with a loud thumping radio," Penns Grove Police Chief John Stranahan said.

Police dispatchers have received nearly 60 calls since Oct. 20 complaining about the noise.

New Jersey officials are working with their counterparts in Delaware to deal with the nuisance, but not everyone dislikes the sound.

Drummer Michael Worrell, who lives in Penns Grove, is more intrigued than anything.

"It doesn't bother me one bit," he said.

Worrell, who is in a band called Undercurrent, said he would love to be invited to the party across the river.

"Whoever is doing it, give us a call," he said.

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