Who Tossed This Adorable Kitten Out With the Trash?

Grundgetta's Monday was worse than most. She got thrown out with the trash.

The three-week old kitten owes her life to a conscientious trash collector in Upper Darby Township who saw something moving inside a plastic bag once he'd dumped a homeowner's trash into his garbage truck.

After discovering the little kitten, who seemed fine except for some paint on her fur, the trash collector -- who was distraught -- called animal control.

That led to a visit with a veterinarian and eventually the kitty ended up in the care of Providence Animal Center. Staff affectionately named her Grundgetta after a Muppet character who was Oscar the Grouch's girlfriend. Yep, he's the one who lives in the trash can.

"She clearly isn't a wild cat. She is so sweet and domesticated. She leans into your hand and she loves people. She loves being held," said Justina Calgiano with the animal shelter.

Grundgetta weighs about 12 ounces and she needs to get her weight up to about two pounds before she can be adopted. The shelter plans to place her with a foster family until she's older, healthier and ready to be adopted.

"Kittens this young, it's hard because normally she would still be with her mom right now. They're not out of the woods in terms of survival," Calgiano said.

Providence Animal Center's Humane Officer, Ron Riggle, is investigating what could be a crime of neglect and abandonment. If you know how Grundgetta ended up in the garbage, you can call him at 610-566-1370 x 214 or email: rriggle@providenceac.org.

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