Jam With the World's Best Guitar Players

Four of the world’s best guitar players want to jam with you. 
International Guitar Night, a touring group of famed musicians, is hosting a workshop for acoustic guitar players Jan. 25 at the Calvary Center in Philadelphia.    

Brian Gore, Lulo Reinhardt, Stephen Bennett and Itamar Erez plan to spill their acoustic secrets during their stop on the multi-country tour. For rates between $15 and $50 music lovers can learn their particular methods of guitar playing and they'll even engage in a little collaboration with aspiring guitarists.
The price of the workshop also includes admission to the International Guitar Night concert the following evening. The concert will not only consist of personal compositions but Gore, Reinhardt, Bennet and Erez will discuss ideals with the audience. 
Gore has been leading groups of talented musicians these tours throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S. for the past decade.

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