Help Your Mom Get Lucky

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Upstares and Sotto Varalli are giving mom's something very special this Mother's Day -- a $25 gift certificate towards her dinner and a lottery ticket!

All you have to do is print this page, give it to your server and take advantage of Varalli's generosity.

The restaurant has recently instituted an Appetite Recovery Plan and menus start at $25 for a three-course dinner (the gift certificate should cover that).

On to more important matters like the lottery ticket. Hopefully, it's mom's lucky day, because if she wins, we're pretty sure she'll share the wealth (especially since you're the genius behind her Mother's Day celebratory dinner).

Sound too good to be true? Kinda' is. Here's the catch, the deal requires a minimum purchase of $100. But that's not too bad for great food, a gift card and the chance to win money.

Reservations are suggested and with this deal, seats are filling fast!

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