GQ: America's Best Pizza in Philly

GQ named the 25 best pizzas in America. Two local pie makers made the cut.

Good pizza is a necessity of life (it really is) and GQ magazine recognizes Philadelphia twice for providing that necessity in the best way possible.

GQ magazine’s (the Cosmo for men) Alan Richman traveled more than 20,000 miles around the U.S. to find the 25 best pizza pies in the country. He is obviously a man of good taste, as Port Richmond’s Tacconelli’s white pie is named the ninth best pizza in the country.

“I suggest ordering too much, because every pizza here is wonderful, the crust from the huge, oil-burning oven an example of how tremendously satisfying an amalgam of thin, chewy, and crunchy can be,” wrote Richman.

Coming in at No. 22 is Osteria’s zucca (squash) pie. Marc Vetri and Jeff Benjamin’s Italian restaurant on North Broad seems a bit highbrow for this, and not-strictly-pizza focused, but we’ll take it. At least Philly’s not on one of the "worst" lists today.

“Yes, I know. Nobody sitting around the house suddenly says to the wife and kids, “Hey, let’s go out for a squash pizza.” I’m telling you, it’s terrific,” Richman wrote about the sweet pizza.

And yes, we all want to know why Lazaro’s and Lorenzo’s and Gusto’s (and insert the name of your favorite Philly pizza place) was not named, but just let it go. Two out of the best 25 in the country is not bad Philly. Not bad at all.

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