Freakout! on New Year's Eve

When the options come down to ringing in the New Year or raging in the New Year, the choice should be obvious.

R5 Productions wants you to rage and freakout as the clock strikes midnight.

R5 Productions’ spirits are riding high this holiday season thanks in part to the new date for their Punk Rock Flea Market (Saturday, January 17).

Now they have more reason to celebrate after hooking up with Making Time and Transit nightclub for their fifth annual joint effort New Years celebration -- another event that almost didn’t happen.

For the past four years, Philly’s own R5 Productions has teamed up with Making Time to put on the "greatest New Years Eve show on Earth:" The Annual NYE Freakout!

R5 has been growing steadily since their birth in 2001, graduating from small, independent concert venues to selling out larger mainstream theaters including the prestigious Academy of Music.

The trouble with constantly outdoing themselves is that at some point, they hit a wall and feel that they can’t go any further. This was the case with last year’s New Years Eve party.

The festivities this year were almost scaled back because R5 admittedly felt that they couldn’t top their last event. Luckily, however, they came to their senses -- do what they do best -- break down walls like the Kool Aid Guy on a sugar high.

The show must and will go on -- bigger and better than anything they’ve ever done before -- let's hope.

Not only will R5/Making Time’s New Years Eve Freakout at Transit be the "greatest, craziest" place to rage in the New Year, but it will also be the easiest on your wallet. At a mere $40, R5 and Transit are offering unlimited domestic beer and well drinks (as well as the now-discontinued Sparks caffeinated/malt drink), three floors of awe-inspiring DJs, lasers, fog machines, confetti and essentially anything else you can possibly imagine.

If you’re going to miss out on this Freakout this year you’d better have an outrageously good excuse.

Here are the specifics:
R5/Making Time New Years Eve Freakout Celebration @ TRANSIT (60 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pa.)
Wednesday, December 31 9:00 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. (21+)

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