Food Network Star Anne Burrell Won't Share Anything With Anybody

Anne Burrell is everywhere on the Food Network. You can catch her hosting Worst Cooks in America or Secrets of a Restaurant Chef when she isn't a featured contributor on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, or cooking on Iron Chef America with Mario Batali. Got all that? Good.

We caught up with Burrell at Marc Vetri's Great Chefs event and asked her some truly life or death questions. Check out the video above or the abridged version of the interview below.

What do you crave?
Bacon. And then more bacon. Then maybe pasta. And then more bacon.

What won't you share?
I won't share anything. I grew up my entire life having to share everything. So now I tell my mother, no, I will not share. I don't care if it's too much, I might not eat the whole thing, but I will not share.

What makes you angry?
Uhhhhh. (counts on fingers) Nothing!

What great idea should have been yours?
I have a lot of them. Oh, the microplane, I think.

Do you know your limits?
I always know my limits, yes. I push them all the time, but I know where they are.

What's been on your to-do list for the longest time?
Read more of the classics.

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