Comfort Foods on Sale Today

Eversave: While it may not be the comfort food we think of, the experience at Fez is very family oriented, and the food is full of hearty gravy and slow roasted proteins. One of the most enjoyable dinner experiences in the city. [Eversave]

Living Social: Dairy Queen has been doling out delicious soft serve ice cream for decades, and today, Living Social is going half-price on their behalf. Get on this one, as summer is coming soon. [Living Social]

Groupon: The Bistro at Our Town in Exton is one of the best at serving comfort food. Their dishes all have that touch of Mediterranean flair, and it's well worth the trip out to the suburbs. [Groupon]

This has been the 11 AM Deal Report, our daily roundup of the best food and drink deals in the land. Got a deal you want included? Email it our way.

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