Bring on the PBR

You need not feel guilty about pounding those Pabsts, because the Philadelphia Independent Craft Market is about to give you more incentive to keep drinking your favorite cheap brew.

The second annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Crafting Challenge invites beer lovers and creative minds alike to salute the “Great American Accessory” known as PBR. 

Here’s what you gotta do: grab a case, drink up, concoct some sort of art or craft with PBR as the theme, and proudly display your booze-inspired work at the event.

Anything goes. 

There is an $8 suggested donation to enter, but get this, participants are treated to an all you can drink PBR smorgasbord and a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Last year’s winner took home a fridge full of red, white, and blue cold ones.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Challenge takes place Saturday, Feb. 27 from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. at the 2424 Studio on Market St.


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