BMX Bandits Crime Spree Continues

A man taken into custody was questioned and released

Southwest detectives are on the hunt for two men who are responsible for six armed robberies in just three days.

It began on Tuesday night when two men robbed a liquor store at 51st and Lancaster threatening employees with guns. Two hours later, with the same high-powered guns (believed to be Uzis), they robbed the Caprice Villa Lounge at 50th and Market and rode off into the night -- literally, on BMX bicycles, according to police.

The very next night, one of the men made his way into a packed Smitty's Bar at 52nd and Wyalusing Avenue where he threatened a man with an Uzi and demanded a female working at the bar give him the money from the register.

Soon after, the man met up with his partner and robbed a fourth establishment, a wine and spirits store at 46th and Lancaster. The men, who police suspect are about 19-years-old -- given their mode of transportation -- have made out with about $300 from each robbery and aren't expected to stop until they're caught, according to Southwest detectives. 

One man was taken into custody Thursday night after he allegedly robbed a bar, said police.

A bar at Paxson and Market was robbed by an Uzi-touting man around 9 p.m. Thursday -- a man was caught riding a bike nearby the scene. He was considered a suspect for the Thursday incident and was being looked into as a person of interest for the other robberies, according to police.

That man has since been released.


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