Accused Peeping Tom Jeweler Vs. Deanna Durante

Benjamin Sorkin runs into NBC 10 reporter after no contest plea

Benjamin Sorkin didn't answer questions as he leaves court -- but NBC 10 caught his reaction to our presence in Center City Thursday afternoon.

"What are you nuts?" he said, as he appeared to run into NBC 10's Deanna Durante.

"What do you mean am I nuts you ran into me," replied Durante.

Durante and Sorkin both stayed on their feet during the collision and both continued to walk along after a short conversation.

Earlier Sorkin had pleaded no contest to charges that he secretly videotaped six women as they used the bathroom in his home and his jewelry store. The hidden cameras were also connected to a microphone, according to prosecutors.

The Center City jeweler left the Criminal Justice Center after registering with the county probation department. On his way out Durante and another reported asked Sorkin questions.

Sorkin and Durante collided after a short period of time and had the altercation mentioned above. Watch the video for yourself by clicking the link to the left.

Sorkin will be on probation for the next eight years.

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