A Year Without a Punk Rock Santa Claus

Philadelphia’s famous Punk Rock Flea Market has been delayed once again, much to the chagrin of junk-collectors and angsty college students everywhere.

R5 Productions’ Pre-Christmas Punk Rock Flea Market has become a necessary staple of Philadelphia’s subculture over the past several years. This year, however, R5 was forced to put a halt on the underground festivities.

In an e-mail sent out to all R5 subscribers Friday night, the staff of the rapidly growing independent concert organizers apologized for the last-minute decision to cancel the event.

The Flea Market, which would have been held at the Starlight Ballroom on North 9th Street in Philly was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, according to R5.

R5 told its loyal followers that, while they won’t go into the “boring” details, Philadelphia’s Police Department and The Department of Licenses and Inspection had legal issues to work out with the Starlight Ballroom. These issues will not be formally resolved until early this week, so the Punk Rock Flea Market would have to take the backseat (at least until after New Year’s Day).

R5 has promised that the table reservations for those selling their wares at the Flea Market will be honored for the upcoming date and full refunds will be available for those who are unable to make the transition.

All R5 Productions can do now is hold out hope that the event will eventually go on as planned; and that Philly’s punk crowd is a lot more calm and understanding than their music would suggest.

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