A Ride Called “It”

A brand new attraction is coming to "Morey’s Piers" theme park in the Wildwoods, N.J.

It’s called “It,” and it’s sure to cause its fair share of conversations that resemble an Abbott & Costello routine.

The ride will debut on Morey’s Surfside Pier on 26th street in North Wildwood during May 2011.

In a written statement, "Morey’s Piers" announced that the ride will “swing, spin, and fly to heights of over 65-feet." “It” will also be secured by specially designed lap-bars.

The ride features a swinging motion of up to 120 degrees and a rotating center where gondolas, seating 24 passengers, face each other.

“We are proud to announce “It” to our ride roster and know our guests will love it,” said Jack Morey, the theme park's Executive Vice President.

 “‘It’ is just the beginning of our plans for the continued re-development of Surfside Pier.”

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