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SEPTA Riders: Tell Us What It's Like to Take Public Transit

NBC10 is polling public transit riders about how they rate SEPTA on the Big Three Cs: Crime, Cleanliness and COVID-19. A link to the survey is below.

Septa fast train

What's it been like to ride SEPTA recently? Are public transit loyalists still even riding trains or buses, or has work-from-home life or a car changed your commute?

NBC10 is conducting a survey that looks at the current state of affairs on SEPTA, southeastern Pennsylvania's main public transportation system. Our quick and easy-to-take poll CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING HERE.

The NBC10 Investigators are interested in how former and current part-time and full-time SEPTA riders view the public transit system from three perspectives: crime, cleanliness and COVID-19.

The Investigators previously surveyed riders in the spring 2021 and in the winter of 2020.

Thanks for your participation and taking a few minutes to give your perspective on public transit in the greater Philadelphia region and SEPTA's performance. The results will be published as part of a news story to air on NBC10 and posted online at NBCPhiladelphia.com in February.

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