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Knowing Your Privacy Rights Before Signing Up for the Coronavirus Vaccine

NBC10 Responds shares things to consider before signing up for your COVID 19 vaccine.

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Signing up for the COVID-19 vaccine may mean sharing some of your personal information.

But who is seeing that info once you submit it?

According to the Internet Security Alliance, there is a way to know if a company plans to share your data. You can typically find that information right there on the registration form.

“That form could conceivably be providing consent for the provider to take your information and use it,” said Larry Clinton, the President of the Internet Security Alliance.

According to Clinton, whether you want your information shared is entirely up to you.

“Both federal law as well as Pennsylvania law say the consumer has the right to know what info is being shared and what is being taken and has the right to refuse to allow their information to be shared,” he said. 

He also said sharing data could be a positive thing. Especially in the age of the Coronavirus.

“One of the issues we have with COVID is tracking,” he said. “If I've been in close contact with you and I find out I have the virus, let's say it's a public interest to be able to find you so that you’re safe.”

If it’s sold, your personal data may also wind up in the hands of marketing companies that could send you targeted ads. Or worse.

On the downside, there are multiple issues with regard to health information,” Clinton said. “As I say, it's very, very valuable on the black market. It can be used, sold on the black market so other people can get access to your insurance.”

Clinton urges consumers to read through all of the paperwork they’re presented with when getting the vaccine.

Deciding whether or not to share your data is a personal decision. If you decide to opt out, you have a few options:

Tell the company you don’t want to share your data, and see if they’ll let you advance without sharing it.

Report the company since federal law says you have the right to opt out.

Or, accept the terms and take the chance of having your data sold.

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