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Scrabble Adds New Words, Including "Lolz," "Thanx," and "Sexting"



    Scrabble Adds New Words, Including "Lolz," "Thanx," and "Sexting"
    The U.S. gamemaker Hasbro Inc., which owns U.S. rights to the board game Scrabble, seen in this handout photo, upped the ante Friday, July 8, 1994, in its bid for a worldwide monopoly to sell the game.

    Some people will find a few of the new acceptable Scrabble words “ridic.”

    "Lolz", "cakehole," "thanx" and "ridic” are now able to be played in the word game, according to the latest edition of "Collins Official Scrabble Words" published on Thursday.

    About 6,500 words were added to the comprehensive Scrabble dictionary, which already contains 250,000 accepted words, NBC News reported.

    Words and terms of modern-day culture used to be difficult to pin down for dictionary makers in general, a representative at Collins said. However, technology has made the process a lot easier.

    "Dictionaries have always included formal and informal English, but it used to be hard to find printed evidence of the use of slang words," head of language content at Collins Helen Newstead told BBC News. "Now people use slang in social media posts, tweets, blogs, comments, text messages - you name it - so there's a host of evidence for informal varieties of English that simply didn't exist before."

    Here’s a few of the new Scrabble words:

    Lolz — 13 points
    Thanx — 15 points
    Lotsa — 18 points
    Dench — 11 points
    Emoji — 14 points
    Sexting — 15 points
    PWN — 8 points
    Shizzle — 18 points
    Twerking — 16 points