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Brandy Belts Out on NYC Subway, Gets Ignored



    Grammy-winning singer Brandy learned what countless subway buskers already know -- it's tough to catch a New Yorker's attention. 

    The singer, whose real name is Brandy Norwood, posted video on YouTube Monday showing her belting out a rendition of the Broadway standard "Home" aboard a 1 train only to be completely ignored by straphangers aboard the train.

    "What y'all think of that?" she asks the disinterested commuters, many of them avoiding eye contact with the singer. "Y'all thought that was cool?"

    She continues, "Hello? Nobody heard me singing? Nobody cares? Ok."

    Brandy, who may have been hard to recognize to some riders because of her hooded sweatshirt and glasses, then jokes with the cameraman that she was going to call her mother.

    "I just sang from the heart, and nobody on the train responded!" she says.

    She then can be seen asking a man on the train what he thought of her performance. He tells she's got talent, but she's "gotta do something different." 

    "You gotta go out there and engage with the people," he told her. "You're too into yourself. This is a warm city ready to engage you, but you gotta go out there and embrace it."

    Brandy recently moved to New York to star in the Broadway production of "Chicago."

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