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MTV To Serve Up Extra "Jersey Shore"



    While "Jersey Shore" is to the country's collective brain matter what UV rays are to skin, MTV isn't going to stop putting out the product.

    The network is lining up a pair of specials for the end of the show's stupendous second season. And when we say stupendous, we mean equal parts stupid and tremendous.

    The Hollywood Reporter states the cast will be brought back to together for a cast reunion show to air Oct. 28 after all the Miami-set episodes have aired. The cast can talk about their favorite bar fights and legal run-ins from the past year.

    The second special will be a behind-the-scenes look at the show. No premiere date has been set.

    Season 3, which brings the "Gym, tan, laundry" set back to the actual Jersey Shore, will launch next year.

    MTV's desire to capitalize on the continued "Jersey Shore" mania is understandable. After a pop-culture altering first season, the gang has managed to keep the momentum going through season two. Each episode this summer has set a new all-time high for the show, with the most recent  drawing 6.5 million viewers.

    But in the fickle world of pop culture things can turn cold pretty quickly -- even on the beach.