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"Doggy Door Bandit" Caught on Camera

Fort Worth homeowner has video of suspected burglar who made unique entry



    (Published Tuesday, May 6, 2014)

    A man dubbed "the doggy door bandit" has been caught on video breaking into a home by crawling through a dog door.

    When Nikki Berry and her family returned home from church on Sunday, they learned someone had been inside their house in the 2700 block of 6th Avenue in Fort Worth's Ryan Place neighborhood.

    "It was just kind of shocking,” Berry said. “You don't know what to think."

    Surveillance video showed a young man peeking through the back door.

    The dog door is out of camera view, but Berry said there was no other way for him to get inside.

    “I’m surprised an adult male could fit through it,” she said.

    Fort Worth police officer Daniel Segura said a review of reports showed at least one other recent burglary in the same neighborhood where someone crawled through a dog door.

    But residents said the neighborhood has seen other burglaries recently. It is unclear whether the same suspect in the surveillance video is to blame for all the burglaries.

    Before the thief left Berry’s house, he grabbed some jewelry and also stole the surveillance camera and routing system.

    Berry said it’s a high-tech system that sends a stream of video to the security company in real time.

    Interestingly, he also apparently helped himself to some blackberries from the family’s refrigerator.

    "It was just wild to see someone looking through your window and going through your house," Berry said.