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Giants Fans Smash Cars After Sunday's Loss



    Maybe Giants fans need to learn how to use their words instead of lashing out.

    It's a win-lose situation.

    The Phils win the World Series Championship and fans loot a luggage store. The New York Giants lose in the second round of the playoffs and fans bash a Porsche and a Jeep in the parking lot of the Meadowlands.

    Giants Lose, Cars Get Trashed

    [NY] Giants Lose, Cars Get Trashed
    An angry Giants fan vandalized a car after his team lost its playoff game Sunday, and a man with a videocamera just happened to be nearby.
    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009)

    Luckily, this act of rampant idiocy was caught on video.

    "The vehicles shown in the Stadium parking lot were damaged and/or totaled earlier in the day by a fire caused when the Porsche parked over coals from a tailgater," said John Samerjan of the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority in an email.

    Samerjan added that the owners of the vehicles were told about the fate of their rides and said that the vandalism shown in the videos remains under investigation.

    Note: attached video contains strong language that some viewers may find objectionable.