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Penn Finds No Wrongdoing in Camel Controversy



    George Leslie

    The University of Pennsylvania has cleared Zeta Psi of any wrongdoing after investigating an incident involving a camel at one of their parties.

    Controversy began when a Penn student took pictures of the camel lying down while surrounded by women with drinks in their hands at a Zeta party during Penn’s Spring Fling.

    The student wrote a letter to the Daily Pennsylvanian, going so far as to suggest that the frat was guilty of animal abuse.

    Charis Matey, the camel’s owner and co-owner of the Peaceable Kingdom petting zoo denied this however, stating that the camel would be growling and kicking if he was truly upset.

    The University looked into the incident and found that the camel had not been abused or mishandled, according to

    Despite the resolution, Matey says that the camel will not return to Penn in order to avoid future controversy.