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Philadelphia Beverage Company Expands to Shake Shack



    Carly Mitchell

    A Philadelphia soda company is "shaking" it up as they expand in one of the Nation's Capitol's hottest spots.

    Sipp, a healthier soda alternative, is now being sold in Shake Shack in Union Station in Washington D.C. The location is carrying all four flavors, which include Ginger Blossom, Mojo Berry, Summer Pear, and Lemon Flower.

    “We are excited that Sipp is a drink option in the extremely high traffic location of Union Station,” said Beth Wilson-Parentice, Founder and CEO of Sipp, in a release.

    Carly Mitchell, a representative for Sipp, says as of now the beverage is not being offered at other Shake Shack locations, but there’s always room for change. The beverage is offered in other food chains, though, like the French bakery Le Pain Quotidien.