Multiple Guns, Ammo Found at Courthouse Shooter Properties

Agents searched Thomas S. Matusiewicz's Texas properties

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    Texas Dept. of Public Safety
    Texas drivers license photo for Thomas Stanley Matusiewicz, the 68-year-old man accused of opening fire inside the New Castle County courthouse on Monday, Feb. 11, 2013, killing two women and injuring two police officers before killing himself.

    A search of Thomas S. Matusiewicz’s home and a storage facility turned up multiple weapons, ammo, and a letter to his daughter, Amy.

    Court documents show that federal agents, assisted by local law enforcement in South Texas, where Matusiewicz lived, recovered a total of 13 guns. The searched the properties on Tuesday, one day after Matusiewicz opened fire inside the New Castle County courthouse building in Wilmington, Delaware. He chased down and shot his former daughter-in-law, Christine Belford, and her friend.

    New Suspects: Son and Mother of Del. Courthouse Shooter

    [PHI] New Suspects: Son and Mother of Del. Courthouse Shooter
    Police report that they do not think Thomas Matusiewicz acted alone on Monday in a Del. courthouse where he shot and killed his ex-daughter-in-law, her friend, and then himself. According to officials, the shooter's son David Matusiewicz and mother Lenore Matusiewicz are suspects in the investigation. NBC10's Christine Maddela reports the latest details. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013)

    At his home in Edcouch, investigators found 8 weapons including revolvers, shotguns and handguns.

    • 3 guns inside an RV parked on the property
    • 2 guns locked inside the closet of the Master bedroom
    • 3 from a storage shed at the home

    Also, inside the home, was a letter left for Matusiewicz’s daughter, Amy Gonzalez, who lived nearby. It instructed her to go to a storage unit and take and keep the guns stored there. Inside that storage facility, law officers seized five more weapons including an Uze and Russian rifle.

    They found hundreds of rounds of ammunition at both locations.