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4 Traffic Judges Convicted in Ticket-Fixing Case



    (Published Wednesday, July 23, 2014)

    Four ousted traffic court judges in Philadelphia have been convicted of lying to authorities but cleared of most charges in a sweeping ticket-fixing case.

    Two other judges and a businessman were acquitted in federal court Wednesday.

    The indictment last year portrayed the city's traffic court as a patronage pit, and said judges routinely fixed tickets for friends and allies. Several judges pleaded guilty before trial.

    The jury then convicted ex-judges Michael Lowry, Robert Mulgrew and Thomasine Tynes of perjury, and Willie Singletary of lying to the FBI.

    Defense lawyers had argued that giving insiders "consideration" was long a tradition — and not deemed illegal.

    All of the trial defendants were acquitted of the lead conspiracy and fraud charges.

    Philadelphia traffic cases are now handled by the city's municipal court.