Man Dies After Being Shot & Crashing Car Into a House Causing Bricks to Fall

Investigators say the crash didn't kill the victim

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    Philadelphia medics responding to a car crash into a building made a grisly discovery.

    A man, shot in the head, was behind the wheel of the car that collided with the abandoned home along the 1600 block of Seybert Street in North Philadelphia.

    City police say the unidentified man was driving just before midnight when a gunman opened fire, striking the victim in the head.

    The victim’s Hyundai sedan then slammed into an abandoned house.

    "Hundreds of bricks from the front of the building collapsed onto this vehicle," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

    The victim was unconscious in the front seat.

    "Paramedics and police had to struggle to get this unconscious male out of the driver's seat of vehicle," Small said. "They pulled him out through the passenger's side window because the vehicle was so covered with bricks and debris."

    Once crews got the man out of the car they realized that he had gunshot wounds to his face, shoulder and back.

    Investigators found 18 spent shell casings about 100 feet from the crash scene.

    Licenses and Inspections was called in to inspect the scene before police could remove the car.

    Police didn't make any immediate arrests.