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Cops Find Urine, Wine in Ice Cream Truck

Police say they stopped the truck for suspicion of DUI.


    Ice cream truck driver Yassir Hassan was charged with DUI, according to police.

    Authorities say a Trenton, New Jersey ice cream truck driver is facing DUI charges after he was pulled over in Middletown, Bucks County, according to

    Police say a motorist called to notify them of 46-year-old Yassir Hassan’s erratic driving, reports

    When they pulled him over, according to police, Hassan was visably intoxicated. also reports that inside the truck, police discovered boxed wine as well as urine-filled water bottles – including a bottle of urine in one of the freezers.

    Hassan was immediately arrested and charged with drunk driving.

    He was an ice cream man for the Jack & Jill Company, says