Caught on Cam: Partiers Try to Flip Over Temple Bus With People Inside

Police are investigating video of a wild incident in which several people tried to flip over a Temple University bus.

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    A wild scene was caught on video of partiers attempting to flip over a Temple shuttle bus. Police say one person was arrested. Warning: the video contains harsh language and may not be suitable for younger viewers. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012)

    Police are investigating a YouTube video of a wild incident in which several people tried to flip over a Temple University bus.

    It happened Sunday, August 26, around 1:30 a.m. on 18th and Arlington. A University spokesperson says two Temple Police bike officers were flagged down while on patrol after the suspects tried to flip a Temple shuttle bus over as a rowdy crowd looked on.

    The officers were able to disperse the crowd and arrested a man 19 or 20 years old. The spokesperson says the man who was arrested does not attend Temple.

    A bus driver and two students were inside the bus during the incident. While they were shaken up, they were not injured, according to Temple News.

    One Temple student told Temple News he believes as many as 150 people were on the street during the incident. He claimed people in the street were letting cars pass through at first before the shuttle bus was blocked in the middle of the street. The student says that one person began to push it and then other people began to try and tip it over.

    The student claims the group tried to flip the bus over for a few minutes before police arrived and the crowd dispersed.

    Deputy Director of Campus Safety Services Charlie Leone says the university has experienced a higher number of alcohol-related issues with students from other universities. He told Temple News he estimates about a third of the people involved in alcohol related activities attend other schools.

    While one person has been arrested, police say they are currently trying to identify any other people involved.