Philadelphia ZIP Codes Where Homeownership Increased Since 2000

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    Although homeownership in Philadelphia has fallen by more percentage points than all but one U.S. city since 2000, there are nine ZIP codes were it's on the upswing.

    The largest increase was in 19107, or Washington Square West/Chinatown. It saw a 10 percent uptick, according to new report from the Pew Charitable Trusts.

    Here is a list of the nine Philadelphia neighborhoods where homeownership is on the rise. The rest of the neighborhoods in Philadelphia saw either a decrease or no change.

    • 19118 Chestnut Hill (1 percent increase)
    • 19154 Torresdale North (1 percent increase)
    • 19153 Eastwick (2 percent increase)
    • 19103 Center City West (3 percent increase)
    • 19102 Center City West (4 percent increase)
    • 19123 Northern Liberties/Spring Garden (4 percent increase)
    • 19129 East Falls (4 percent increase)
    • 19130 Fairmount South (7 percent increase)
    • 19107 Washington Square West/Chinatown (10 percent increase)

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