Del. Beach Town Wants to Curb "Rowdiness" With Portable Jail Cells

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    The small beach town of Dewey in Delaware is looking to curb the behavior of rowdy vacationers -- with portable jail cells, according to the town's Public Safety Committee.

    As it is now, the small town has a small holding cell to go along with it. That holding cell can only detain up to six people at any one time.

    The Public Safety Committee feels the rolling cells, also known as portable detention units, could help police in curbing disturbances and rowdy behavior in the resort town by providing extra holding space.

    "I think it's worth looking into," said Dewey's Mayor Diane Hanson. 

    The idea is being presented tonight in a Town Commissioners Meeting at 6 p.m.

    On any given weekend in the summer, the 192-acre town's usual population of about 400 people swells to as many as 20,000.