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France: Not Just Good for Wine



    France: Not Just Good for Wine
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    Sample French beer at Le Bec Fin.

    Been looking for an excuse to hit up Le Bec Fin (1523 Walnut St)?

    We think the restaurant’s Beer-Week boutique offerings are more than enough impetus to put on a button-down shirt and replace your Tiger sneaks with leather loafers.

    Brews from three of the best niche breweries in France: Orge du Bouffay (from Brasserie du Bouffay); the Au Sapin (from Bieres Mandrin); and Grand Cru Triple (from Brasserie Saint-Rieul) will be offered through the conclusion of Beer Week.

    All three beers are 100 percent organic, and each will cost you $15.

    If you make it to Le Bec Thursday March 13, Jocelyn Cambier, the world-famous importer, will lead a beer discussion from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The $35 event will feature a special tasting. Call 215.567.1000 for more information.