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Here's What $1 Can Get You



    Here's What $1 Can Get You
    Dollar, dollar, dollar bill y'all.

    What can you get for a dollar these days?

    In University City, a lot!

    On Thursday, August 12, for three hours starting at 5:30 p.m. you can enjoy a wide variety of specials for just $1.

    The idea behind the stroll is to promote businesses in West Philadelphia and, more specifically, on Baltimore Ave.

    "We are very excited about the Baltimore Avenue Stroll. Promotions of this nature will help to introduce new customers to our business, increasing our customer base, and will help to promote the Avenue as a destination, which is a goal shared amongst the many diverse Baltimore Avenue businesses," says Studio 34’s Stephen Fisher on the University City District’s Website.

    So, what specials you can take advantage of -- for $1 -- this Thursday?

    Coffee, tea, ice cream, yoga, beer, chicken, theatre performances, treats for your pet, records and much more.

    Check out the list of businesses participating in the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll.