Who Wants to Be a Phillie?

The first wave of the defending World Champions are set to hit the coast of Clearwater, Florida on February 13, but there are still a few floating concerns.
Philadelphia General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. won’t rest until he makes the right move-- a right-handed move that is.
With the exit of Pat “the right-handed bat” Burrell, the Phillies have a void in their lefty-laden lineup.
Raul Ibanez was brought over from Seattle to fill in the gap in left field and although productive at the plate, the 36-year-old doesn’t floss the right wood.
So, the search continues and seven finalists have been circulating within the Phillies organization. Although it’s not a necessity, the Phillies may look to add a right handed bat who can also play the infield incase Pedro Feliz or Chase Utley aren’t back to full strength come Opening Day.
As of Tuesday morning the search for the “right pinstripes” include Nomar Garciaparra, Ty Wigginton, Moises Alou, Rich Aurilia, Mark Grudzielanek and Kevin Millar.
Each candidate has their up and down sides, but the Phillies aren’t worried because they will all come relatively cheap and perhaps come to freedom city with the exit of Geoff Jenkins--who is expected to make a more than deserving $6.75 and $7.5 million over the next two seasons.
Modell’s most likely has its fingers crossed against the coming of Garciaparra and Grudzielanek for lengthy jersey printing purposes, but NBC Philadelphia wants to know: Who do you want on your right side and your backside in 2009?
Considering they’re all “right”-ies, there doesn’t seem to be a wrong choice.

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