The Picks: Patriots at Eagles


It’s that time of week. Time to man up and make your pick for this week’s game. Get it right, and you'll be able to afford enough pepper spray to get everything you want this Black Friday! Here we go:

Peter King: Pats 27, Eagles 24. “I like Tom Brady over whoever's phlingin' it for Philly." Phunny phellow.

Two of 10 ESPN Experts: Eagles. One of the few brave souls to pick Philly? MERRIL HOGE. Perhaps he still hates the Eagles and is merely reverse jinxing them. THE FIEND.

Yahoo! Users: Patriots. (no score)

Mike Silver: Eagles. (no score)

Pete Prisco (CBS): Patriots.

AJ Daulerio: Eagles.

Index Card I Threw Up In The Air With The Name Of Each Team On Either Side, Seeing Which Team Would Land Face Up:
Patriots. (Card Record: 5-5)

The Wife:

The good news is that Nnamdi Asomugha's knee injury isn't believed to be serious. The bad news is that it still might be bad enough to cause him to miss Sunday's game, leaving the Eagles without two of their top 3 corners against the Patriots' passing attack, which is... bad. The last time I thought the Eagles were on the verge of potentially saving their season (after the big Cowboys win), they promptly went into the tank. Fool me once, shame on you. For me twice, I let off stink bombs in Juan Castillo's house. PATRIOTS 41, EAGLES 21 (2011 picks: 5-5)

Yours in the comments.

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