Why Is the Mike Scott Hive Tailgating at Saturday's Phillies Game?

It's the heat of the summer, the Sixers don't play a basketball game for months, so what's a Mike Scott Hive to do?

Tailgate at a baseball game seems to be the answer. A Phillies game against the Nationals. This Saturday. Do attend.

We caught up with Kevin Rice, a Liberty Ballers contributor who helped put together Saturday's big Mike Scott Hive tailgate to try and get a better understanding of what the Hive is exactly.

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"So The Hive was started to basically celebrate how cool Mike Scott was," Rice told us. "Right from the start the relationship with the fans and how he played was pretty strong. So when he kept playing well, getting into fights, giving amazing sound bites, and interacting with ‘Sixers Twitter,' that bond grew stronger."

Why a Phillies tailgate though?

"We picked a Phillies game just because a lot of us in The Hive are good friends and wanted to get together for a tailgate and Saturday the 13th just worked out well for everyone. We obviously invited Mike to come, but he is going to be at a wedding in South Carolina, but he expressed that he wanted to come to the next tailgate when we have one."

You can RSVP to the Mike Scott Hive Phillies Tailgate right here.

Sadly, Scott can't attend but that hasn't stopped him from interacting with Sixers fans on Twitter over the past few weeks since news of his return to Philly excited the rabid fanbase.

One of the more interesting interactions was when Matt Mullin, another fellow sportswriter, suggested Scott wear the sweaters of Philly area high school hockey teams on game days. Scott is known to rock hockey sweats on the regular. Scott loved the idea of incorporating local high schools into his fits.

Sixers fans can look forward to a couple more seasons of Scott's friendly interactions on Twitter and hopefully some real life interactions at a tailgate or maybe a parade or two.

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