Rejoice! Turkey Hill Graham Slam Ice Cream Can Still Be Found


You spoke, Turkey Hill listened?

Ten days ago we posted a story that Turkey Hill had discontinued their Graham Slam flavor of ice cream, which has been promoted for years during Phillies games, after seeing this tweet.

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The reaction surrounding the news, however, may have changed their minds. Wednesday night, CSN's John Clark tweeted out a photo of perhaps his final cup of the dairy delight on his account.

Fans, including baseball writer Jayson Stark, chimed in with disappointment that the ice cream was going away.

… but wait, Clark posted this update today, which put a smile on the face of anyone who thought they'd never have another scoop of Graham Slam ice cream.

While you may not be able to grab a pint at your local grocery store anymore, you can still find Graham Slam at ice cream shops and at Phillies games.

It could make for a sweet moment during what has been a woeful baseball season.

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