Poll: Fans Against Drafting Athletes With History of Domestic Abuse

If you ask Howard Eskin, the Eagles aren't considering selecting Joe Mixon in next week's draft.

If you ask Josh Norris, the Eagles are strongly considering Mixon.

If you ask the 1,062 football fans who participated in an HBO Real Sports/Marist poll, you'd find that nearly nine out of 10 of them would oppose the drafting of Mixon by their favorite team.

In the poll, 87 percent said they would not want their favorite team to draft a top college prospect with a history of physical violence against women. 

The results also showed that 75 percent are against drafting a player with a known history of using performance-enhancing drugs, but only 28 percent are against taking a player with a known history of using marijuana. 

"Football fans are clear on their view of NFL athletes and domestic violence. Physical violence against women is unacceptable, defying the myth that fans will excuse transgressions that don't impact athletic performance," Keith Strudler, Director of the Marist College Center for Sports Communication, said in a statement. "Conversely, marijuana is hardly a concern among fans, something the league should consider in their own codes of conduct."

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