Eagles Offense Trying Out New Aquatic Core Body Workout

A few members of the Philadelphia Eagles offense appear to have given a new aquatic core body workout a try over the July 4th weekend.

Backup quarterback Chase Daniel shared the below photo featuring starting quarterback Sam Bradford -- who it must be pointed out is wearing sleeves at the beach -- as well as the future franchise QB in Carson Wentz along with a number of their favorite targets including Zach Ertz and Jordan Matthews. 

Ertz mentioned this group of guys working out in San Diego in a blog post last week:

Some of us are going to get a head start on establishing some of that camaraderie and chemistry during our time off. We’ve put together a group of skill position players to go out to San Diego in July to train.

I went down there last year to work out with a strength coach I really like, Todd Durkin. I met up with a bunch of guys down there last year and we’re going to do the same this time. I know Sam will be there; Chase Daniel is always out there. Darren Sproles is always out there. It’s just a chance to get together, throw the ball around, and work on some things.

Is this a carry over from Chip Kelly's Sports Science days or is Doug Pederson just a big fan of the ocean? 

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