Did Jerry Jones Confuse Nick Foles With Kevin Kolb Or Nick Folk?

This is a fun little video of Dallas Cowboys owner talking about the Philadelphia Eagles and their run to the Super Bowl.

Reporters caught up with Jerry Jones at the Senior Bowl this week.

"I'm just impressed with how they've addressed and overcome injuries," Jones told reporters.

"You can't do what I do and not understand the challenge it is to adjust and come up with a different way to use personal and win games. They did it. That's their story and it's worthy of recognition."

But you can apparently do what he does and not know NFL players' names. It's when he gets to the point about the Eagles' backup quarterback that things go a little off the rails.

"Certainly for them to have one of the outstanding players in the playoffs in that quarterback, who was in fact their backup quarterback, that is real impressive and encouraging."

"They put a group of guys together and were inspired and had a great record while they had their young quarterback, then he turns around, what's-his-name, Kolb... Folk..."

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That's when reporters chime in with, "Foles."

"Foles, I'm sorry," Jones says.

Nick Folk was the Cowboys kicker from 2007-2009 and Kevin Kolb was an Eagles backup QB for a couple of years there. But nope.

Can't blame him, I guess. Perhaps he slept through Foles' 4 for 11 performance on New Year's Eve like the rest of us. Maybe somebody can get Jones a copy of this week's Sports Illustrated with Foles on the cover.

He added that he was proud that an NFC East team was in the Super Bowl but as the Cowboys owner, he wouldn't pick a side in the big game.

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