NFL: Thou Shall Not Tweet?

The NFL is making the message clear -- no tweeting while you’re competing.

Even though T.O. left town, there are still plenty of candidates on the Eagles' squad who are likely to tweet. Injured Birds linebacker Stewart Bradley tweets but he won't be doing it from the sidelines this season because he won't be playing.

Recently many NFL teams banned their players from using the popular social networking site during official team functions, such as practices and games.

While there was no official rule specifically outlawing the use of twitter during games, the NFL does state that players and personnel are strictly prohibited from using mobile devices such as cell phones and computers on sidelines, in booths and locker rooms during games.

Many coaches fear that the use of Twitter by players could lead to valuable team information being leaked to the public, such as injury reports and game plans.

For instance, when Vikings’ quarterback Tarvaris Jackson sprained a knee ligament during Saturday’s practice, wide receiver Bernard Berrian tweeted that Jackson was done for the season, even though his QB would really only miss a few practices, according to The New York Times.

Judging by that instance alone, it’s easy to see why coaches are uncomfortable with players using Twitter.

Green Bay Packers’ head coach Mike McCarthy already instituted a $1,701  fine for players who tweeted during official team functions, along with Miami coach Tony Sparano, who also declared tweeting to be illegal, The New York Times reported.

This anti-Twitter NFL trend comes weeks after Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals publicly insisted that he would tweet on the sidelines, regardless of any NFL rules against it.

Even though there was no word if Andy Reid would officially ban Twitter, but something tells us the big guy won’t take kindly to his Birds tweeting.

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