Sixers' Starting Five Already Showing Incredible Chemistry With Badass Emojis

The chemistry between the Philadelphia 76ers starting five is already off the charts. And the season hasn't even tipped off yet.

The Sixers host the Boston Celtics this evening at the Wells Fargo Center to get the 2019-2020 season underway and with the return of the NBA in Philly comes a beloved Ben Simmons tradition on social media.

According to, it's known as "Face With Steam From Nose." I like to think of it as Ben-bout-to-bull-rush-dunk-on-someone's-face emoji.

Ben likes to tweet it on gamedays. It's great.

That tweet came at 9:17 am this morning and Philly fans ate it up.

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But then it kept getting better. Tobias Harris jumped on board with a RT and a couple of STEAMFACE emojis of his own. THEN new Sixer Josh Richardson got on board and added a third.

It was the best.

BUT THEN Joel Embiid hopped on board and added a fourth.

The wait for Al Horford to complete the quinfecta was grueling but the payoff was worth it. It took a few hours but Al finally came through, kinda. He quoted the best journalist in Philly, Marc Farzetta.

It's fitting that the final tweet from the starting five came from Big Al on the night he goes up against his former team. Should be a fun one down at the Center. Game time is scheduled for 7:30.

He may not be a starter tonight but Mike Scott got involved as well. Here they come.

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