Scott O'Neil Discusses How His Family Breeds Success

Thanksgiving dinner at the O’Neil household could evolve into a roundtable discussion of business success stories. Then again, that could be a never-ending conversation. 

It’s rather quite remarkable how Dr. Michael O’Neil and his wife Dr. Mary Ann O’Neil have raised and nurtured a family of champions all across the business spectrum. Here in Philadelphia we know Scott O’Neil, who graduated from Villanova University with a degree in marketing and continued his education at Harvard Business School, as the Chief Operating Officer for the Philadelphia 76ers — a position he also maintains for the New Jersey Devils and their arena, the Prudential Center.

Earlier this summer, the O’Neil family came together at the Philadelphia Marriott to share their formula for success during a conference for the GetWellNetwork, a company created by Scott’s younger brother Mike. 

Here’s what the O’Neil All-Star lineup looks like:

-Sean O’Neil, 47, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Merchant Pro Express — a credit card processing company

-Scott O’Neil, 46, Chief Executive Officer of the Philadelphia 76ers, the New Jersey Devils and the Prudential Center

-Mike O’Neil, 45, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at the GetWellNetwork — a software company based on interactive patient care

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-Matt O’Neil, 43, Vice President of Brand & Media for the Dallas Cowboys

-Shannon O’Neil, 41, Vice President of Product Strategy at the GetwellNetwork

I sat down with Scott and Matt to discover how the O’Neil family breeds success.

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