Joel Embiid Tested With Insanely Hot Wings, Sweats, But Dominates Per Usual

Joel Embiid is always up for any challenge. Be it a fellow NBA All-Star, a random chump at the playground, or a CRAZY-spicey hot wing.

Jojo joined the hilarious web series Hot Ones to test his capacity for heat while also entertaining in a way that only he can.

He talks playground pop-ins, Allen Iverson, Meek Mill's return to the Wells Fargo Center in the playoffs, and his NBA Live 19 cover, among other things.

"If I'm on the cover, I mean you got to believe I'm going to be at least a 95. And if I'm not, I'm going to work for it and get to 95," Embiid said.

Embiid talks about the night he got a photo with Michael Jordan at the All-Star Game down in New Orleans and how M.J. wanted the photo too. Amazing. But the real highlight of the episode is the absolutely dominating performance Jojo puts in against the insanely high Scoville scale wings. He made light work of the early, lower-level spice, and steps it up big time in the fourth quarter when going up against the heavy hitters.

Let it be said: Joel Embiid is always up to a challenge.

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